Strategy to improve well-being of small and marginal farmers

Over 80% of Indians farmers are classified as small or marginal with landholdings less than 2 acres. These farmers who are vital for nation’s food security face numerous challenges because of small landholdings, lack of access to extension service, low farm mechanization, lack of access to finance & inputs, and fragmented markets.

Our community based farmer-to-framer extension model, which we call as the ‘Lead Farmers Platform (LFP), focuses on identifying and nurturing farmers who are recognized as ‘local influencers’ to help bridge the last-mile connect at the village level and to help improve access to ‘quality extension services’ and the market. Our agriculture strategy, developed in consultation with our partner organizations, industry practitioners, friends from peer organizations and internal team members, lays out a clear roadmap to enable us impact small and marginal farmers through LFP model. The strategy focuses on a. strengthening of farmers through improved agri-extension, risk mitigation and non-farm income opportunities, b. improving access to market for farmers for better returns, and c. making farmers resilient to the impacts of climate change.

For a detailed understanding of our strategic components and priorities, download our strategy paper.