Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Productive

These are personal insights and experiences while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current pandemic has thrust every professional across the globe into a situation where they have to accommodate work from home arrangements. While none of us were ready for this sudden shift, the hours saved in daily commute and dealing with the traffic can definitely help us be more productive. But if you let it, work from home arrangement can turn into an inescapable nightmare. For many who are still struggling to adapt to this new arrangement, here are my  three insights:

Work: I have understood that working from home is not easy. It actually demands more discipline and better planning to remain productive. Hence, defining the daily work in the form of a to-do-list is super critical. The better defined, the more productive your day will be. 

From: You need a dedicated space to work from, if needed make some temporary alteration in your furniture setting to create the right space. Ensure that you can access Wi-Fi, Personal Hotspot there and having a study lamp will make it perfect. It should also be the undisturbed part of your home. If you already have a study room or a little quiet corner, you have an advantage. Of course, getting involuntarily photobombed during zoom calls can never be avoided. 

Home: Last but perhaps most important; do not ignore Jhadu (sweeping), Pochha (mopping), Bartan (dish washing), Khana (cooking) and Kapda (washing clothes). Dividing these tasks among all family members will make your day highly productive especially when domestic help is not at your rescue. If you do not know how to cook, developing that skill is not easy. Sweeping, mopping, dish washing and operating washing machine are relatively easier, and can be learnt quickly. For example, I learnt that while sweeping – move forward, while mopping – move backward and while washing dishes – meditate. If you have a kid or a pet they will also need your frequent attention, but most often than not they will be the reasons for your much-needed lighter moments. 

PS: Chances are high that if you are an Indian male; your mother, sister, wife or daughter may not allow you to do any of the above tasks, in that case you need to reflect on your understanding of “productivity” and be grateful. 

Stay Safe.

Pranav  Kumar Choudhary  | Director operations

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