Skill Development Strategy for Youth

Skill development is vital to reap the benefits of India’s demographic dividend for economic development. Robust skill development programs that address the skill gap, especially among young people from low-income households, will lead to gainful employment opportunities. Productive employment and decent work for all the Indian youth will enable them to contribute and participate in economic development.

The recent cross-sectional studies on the impact of our core employability skills established that imparting in-demand skills, having certified trainers, measuring the learning outcomes and appropriate job matchmaking helped in improving the overall quality and outcomes of skill development programs. Our skill development strategy, developed in consultation with our partner organizations, industry practitioners, friends from peer organizations and internal team members, lays out a clear roadmap to enable us impact at least 1,00,000 youth by helping them build in-demand skills for better jobs or self-employment.

For a detailed understanding of our segmented approach, principles, strategic priorities and strategic components, download our strategy paper.