Action for Climate and Environment

Given the urgency to address climate change through concerted efforts, our Action for Climate and Environment (ACE) program which started in 2020 works with farmers in two states by exploring and implementing a mix of mitigation and adaptation strategies to reduce the impacts of climate change in a participatory and integrated manner.

This compendium captures the impact and learning of the ACE program and it has two purposes. The first is to highlight the key insights from the interventions introduced by ACE in its program sites in the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Interventions discussed in the compendium are meant to be options to inform implementation mechanisms & road maps for the successful adaption of climate-friendly agriculture practices in the Indian agricultural. The second objective is to share stories of innovative and enterprising farmers who incorporated these interventions in their package of practices and demonstrated the success of climate-friendly practices to their fellow farmers that enabled adaption at a wider scale.